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  • Justin Baker - Founder

    I have been doing online marketing for approximately 10 years. Before I created I worked at a big agency in Chicago called Resolution Media where I managed a team that ran all the US search ads for a fortune 100 tech company. There I learned about managing teams and coordinating efforts with large organizations. I also got to learn how many of the other Fortune 500 clients at the agency ran their marketing campaigns.

    Before that I joined a 3 person startup called and helped them grow to 25 employees in just 2 years. I learned the marketing tactics that make small companies grow quickly. We were so successful that we raised $12 million from investors in a $2 million and a $10 million capital injection.

    Before that I worked at where I learned how to jumpstart sales at a stagnant company.

    Before that I worked at for 3 years where I learned the basics of how to run a website from one of the original big internet companies. While Monster has fallen behind companies like LinkedIn and it was a $5 billion behemoth and one of the most successful internet companies when I worked there.

    Before that I got a Bachelor's in Business Administration from The University of Wisconsin-Madison school of business in 3.5 years. US News & World Reports ranks the business school 12th in the US.

    You can see the rest of my experience on my LinkedIn profile.

    I love helping small businesses. I don't use contracts with clients. All my customers choose to pay me because I deliver great value.

    To learn more about what exactly I do visit my Adwords Tactics page or my Paid Search Insights page.