Adwords Tactics

Here are some of the things I normally do with paid search campaigns

Killer Keywords

  • Research and identify keywords that will perform best
  •     Most conversions at lowest cost
  • Identify money wasting keywords and block them
  •     Hint: They do not show up in the keywords report

Superb Structure

  • Great structure increases your quality score
  •     This means you get more clicks for lower cost
  • Each ad group should have tightly themed keywords, landing pages and ads
  • We find the best way to group everything
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Attention grabbing ads

  • Ad copy should jump off the page and demand your attention
  • Success is easily measured by click through rate
  • Ads should explain why you are unique and better

Awe Inspiring Ad Extentions

  • Double the size of your ad with some catchy extentions
  •     Make your ad POP
  • Take up more space than competitors

Recall inducing Remarketing

  • Show ads to people who have not purchased yet as they visit other websites
  • Remind them why you are great and why they should come back to your site and become a customer

Secret Tricks

  • Don't tell anybody
  • How one word can increase your CTR by 15%
  • What all the loopholes are
  • How to stay one step ahead of the competition