Paid Search Insights

If you are new to Adwords get up to speed with these videos

Top 3 Things

  • If you don't remember anything else remember this
  • Relevancy is supremely important
  • Paid search is complicated at first, but it is extremely effective
  • It takes a while to setup a campaign properly, but then there is little maintenance

Introduction to Adwords

  • What is Adwords and how does it work?
  • Where can the ads appear?
  • What does the interface look like?
  • Ray Ciervo

    quote-leftYou deserve a Presidential medal. I turned on the campaign and my phone lines lit up!quote-right

  • Ashley
    • Ashley
    • Au Naturale Cosmetics

    quote-left Thank you SO MUCH for helping us with everything! quote-right

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Highly targeted & easy to measure
  • High ROI & great budget controls
  • Cons
  • Complicated & not good for branding
  • New to many people & expensive

Auction System

  • Paid search works on an auction system
  • Very different from traditional advertising