What To Expect

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Paid Search

  • I have advanced Google certifications
  • I have been running paid search campaigns for 7 years
  • I have managed millions of dollars of advertising
  • I love working with small & medium businesses
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  • I have the advanced Google Analytics certification
  • I know all the phone tracking companies and their strengths/weaknesses
  • I know MySql, HTML, CSS and Advanced Excel functions

Expect Someone Who Values Your Time

Running a small business is hard and there are only 24 hours in a day. I will quickly assess your situation and offer my advice.

If you just have a 5 minute question that is fine with me. If you want something more we'll talk for a short while so I can understand your business and I'll tell you what I think your best options are. I'm happy to do a free review of your Adwords account to see if I can help improve it.

Expect A Non-Salesy Approach

I'm not a sales guy, I'm an online marketing expert. I don't need to upsell you because my service will speak for itself.

There is no account manager and no junior employees. You work directly with me and we grow your sales.